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Go Green: Green Foam Roofing Systems

Green roofing offers the highest R-value (insulating power) of any traditional roofing insulation, leading to significantly decreased energy consumption in USA. It also eliminates air infiltration, which can account for as much as 40% of normal energy losses. Using spray foam as a green alternative for a roof not only saves money every month by lowering utility bills, it significantly reduces the need for future roof replacement.

Lasts Longer

Properly maintained, an green roof has a potentially limitless lifespan. On average, every ten to fifteen years the roof will need to be cleaned, primed and recoated. Keep up with the proper maintenance and green spray foam roofing system will far outlast any alternative roofing option, several decades and more.

Kind to environment

Furthermore, green spray foam roofing is sustainable in that it cuts down on excess waste that ends up in a landfill. It can be applied directly to old existing roofing systems, whether green spray foam roofing or other materials. Thus it eliminates the hassle and expense of removing and disposing of old roofing material, and incorporates the old material into the new structure rather than adding it to the earth’s waste.

Keeps Energy Costs Low

Green spray foam roofing is installed above the roof deck and reduces or eliminates thermal bridging. It also has a very high aged R-value and is typically coated with light-colored, reflective coatings.

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